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Deb Sutherland is a married mom of three girls living in New England. After 8 years in Advertising and Personnel, Deb left her career to start her family. By careful budgeting, strategically using coupons, and enjoying the simple things in life, they have been able to live on less income, while still blessing their family with all they need and more. Deb founded as a way to share her experiences with other people looking for ways to save money.

Why I Use

In the summer of 2011, my washing machine died during the last load of towels before our family packed up to leave on a six-week vacation! With no time to shop around for a new washing machine, we simply went on our vacation and decided we would shop for one when we returned home.

You can imagine how disappointed my husband and I were to come home after such a long vacation, and much money spent, to a washing machine that needed to be replaced.

After shopping several stores for the best model and price, we decided on a really nice washing machine that fit our budget from Lowes. ONLY problem was, they didn't have one in-stock, and it would take three weeks to order and deliver. That was a HUGE problem! A family of five has enough laundry in one given day, let alone a six week vacation's worth with another three week to follow!

I suggested we go online and see if Home Depot carried the same model. We were so excited to find out that not only did they carry the same model at the same price, but that they were offering to take our old machine away and deliver at no extra cost, with an additional $50 rebate. Still, a pretty large price tag to come up with after spending all our money on such a wonderful vacation!

That is when I remembered that was having a HUGE promotion and that several of the stores were at more than doubled their regular cash back bonus. Up until now, my husband had never even heard of ShopAtHome. I quickly signed on to my account and squealed with excitement when I saw that Home Depot was at 10% Cash Back until the end of the week! Quickly calculating in my head that I would be saving an additional $85 just by going through, and clicking on the, "Blue Shop Now Button", I hurried to tell my husband!

He was very skeptical, and starting saying things like, "Well, if we go through them we may not get the deal on removing the old machine and free shipping....and we may not be able to send in for the $50 rebate…and on and on the skepticism went. I reassured him that he would enjoy the same benefits going through as we would if we bought it on line directly with Home Depot. Still with reservation, He allowed me to go through my account. Just a few days later there was a $85 credit sitting in my account.


You can only imagine how excited my husband was when the check arrived several weeks later from I would over hear him bragging to all our friends on how he saved $85 Cash Back from, received Free Shipping, $50 Rebate, and so on! He was like a little kid excited to tell his story to anyone who would listen to him! ;) My husband is now a ShopAtHome buff. Whenever I want to buy something on line, he asked me, "Did you check what percent is giving? So CUTE!

I have caught him browsing to see what % they were giving on places that sell electronics, or motorcycle parts. Then reasons with me that he would be saving an additional % on the item he wants. How FUN is that? As they say, "Boys will be Boys", but I am just so excited that we both can enjoy extra savings on all our on-line shopping with With prices soaring through the roof, we all need a little extra helping hand to keep more of our money in our pockets. Wouldn’t you agree?

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