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Blogger Hall of Fame is excited to announce its 2012  Blogger "Hall of Fame" featuring our blogger partners to celebrate and honor them!

Our bloggers do a fabulous job finding great deals for their readers, couponing and helping families stretch their dollars. Be sure and check out their tips below and visit their blogs. Feel free to leave a comment on their blog, fan their Facebook Page and follow them on Twitter. Tell them " sent me!" They will love getting to know all of you!

Laura Thornquist


Laura Thornquist is a money saving, coupon clipping, freebie finding, retail posting, giveaway running, family friendly blogger! She is dedicated to helping readers learn how to save money! Laura tries to find the best deals on groceries, retail, and entertainment. Laura is a wife of 18 years, mother of two GREAT kids, ages 14 and 6, and author of She has a marketing, television news and sales background. She has been featured on Good Morning America, WFAA, Fox, CBS, and NBC, several local newspapers and is a regular contributor to WFAA Daybreak and radio stations. She was hugely impacted by the economy in late 2008 with job losses and transfers. That’s when she discovered a new frugal way of living. After learning valuable coupon strategies, Laura became hooked on "frugality"! It has changed her life and she’s committed to helping others pinch pennies in times of need!

Laura’s Tips about Seasonal Shopping:

When it comes to saving money on your favorite items timing is the key! Big bargains happen when you work with manufacturer discounts, clearance sales, off-season discounts and coupon and discount codes! For example here are a few sales cycles to get you started:

  • January: Chocolate, soda, diet foods, frozen finger foods, linens, small appliances, air conditioners, carpeting, winter clothes, bikes, Christmas decorations, motorcycles, boats, sports and weight loss.
  • February: Chocolate, steak, seafood (post Valentine’s Day), oatmeal, boats.
  • March: Frozen Foods, Easter meal items i.e. eggs, ham, gardening items.
  • April: Candy, eggs, ham, cheese, frozen pies, cake mix, electronics, vacuums, cookware, tires and auto supplies.
  • May: Barbecue items i.e. hot dogs, beef, condiments, ice cream, party supplies, grill supplies.
  • June Ice cream, popsicles, soda, pianos, building materials, tools.
  • July: BBQ items, chips, grill supplies.
  • August: Cereal, breakfast bars, peanut butter, lunch meat, cold lunch items, yogurt, pool supplies, outdoor toys, bathing suits, summer clothes.
  • September: Cereals, back to school snacks, hamburger, hot dogs, condiments, spaghetti sauce, cars, lawn mowers.
  • October: canned fruits and veggies, dried fruits, stock up on holiday foods and soups and broths, large appliances, lawn mowers.
  • November: Turkey, butter, cheese, canned goods, baking goods, cookware, tools, carpeting.
  • December: Ham, butter, cheese, post-holiday sales, baking goods, some electronics, toys, winter clothes.
You will notice that sales in stores go along with seasons, holidays and events. Of course you will find the best price on Back to School items after school starts (that’s the time to stock up for next year)!

For more tips on how to save money, visit!

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