About ShopAtHome

At ShopAtHome, we help you find great deals and earn Cash Back on the purchases you make every day. We’ve developed a powerful online shopping solution: A website that shows you the best deals and cash back offers at 4,000+ merchants; and a Savings Button that provides coupon codes (even at checkout), deal alerts and cash back while you shop on our partners’ sites.

All you have to do is sign up, shop and start earning your Cash Back.

Here’s how it works:

Once you’ve signed up, you can find deals and cash back offers from thousands of Stores on ShopAtHome. You click from our site to the Store site, and when you make a purchase, you earn Cash Back — up to 40% on every dollar spent! Once you’ve earned enough, we send you a payment.

Why do we give Cash Back? It’s simple: Websites pay us when we send people to them. We think you deserve some of that money, so we share it with our members.

Our Browser Savings Button helps you save and earn even more. Once you download the Savings Button, it will appear in the upper right of your desktop browser. You can select this button to navigate to your favorite Stores or deals. When you’re on a Store site, the Savings Button will alert you to top deals, and even find coupon codes that you can apply at checkout. You’ll never leave money on the table again!

Join the more than 80 million other online shoppers who’ve earned millions in Cash Back. Sign up for your free ShopAtHome account today!

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The more you shop. The more you earn. Loyalty pays.


For over 30 years, ShopAtHome has helped 80 million users redefine the way they shop and save money.

ShopAtHome was founded in 1986 by husband and wife team Marc and Claudia Braunstein at their Denver, Colo. home. For years we quickly and easily united shoppers with their favorite retailers and merchants by offering a complete “Catalog of Catalogs.”

ShopAtHome has since evolved into a thriving online and mobile eCommerce powerhouse that offers savvy and thoughtful shoppers innovative ways to save money and earn Cash Back incentives while they shop. In fact, ShopAtHome has an entire team dedicated to scouring the web for the best and latest coupons and deals.

Through its partnership with thousands of online retailers, ShopAtHome fulfills its mission of offering up-to-the-minute deals and Cash Back for users who shop online while generating targeted customers for the affiliate marketing industry.

ShopAtHome is a division of the ShopAtHome.com, LLC., located in Denver, Colo., and is a member of the Better Business Bureau.