Here's How it Works

  • Tell us where you found better cash back and the amount
  • Purchase as a member through our site
  • We apply the 110% of the cash back offer you told us about

What's better than getting cash back on the things you love to buy? Knowing that you're getting the MOST cash back you possibly could! is the best cash back site on the Web, period. How do we know that? We watch our competition 24/7 and adjust accordingly. Call it obsessive, but it's what we do.

We promise to give you, our member, the best cash back on any affiliated online store that shares commissions/incentives with us. If you find a better cash back offer, we will do better than match it, we will beat it. We are offering you the biggest cash back savings available and we're willing to go to extremes to make that happen!

You know how some stores will honor coupons from competitors stores? Well, we do even better. From now on you can count on to have the best available cash back rewards on the Internet. Do your best to find anything better—and if you do, not only will we meet it, we will beat it. If you find another cash back site that is offering a cash back percentage that beats ours, let us know. We will offer to meet it at 110%! So for instance, if you find a cash back offer at another site for 10% back, let us know, and we will give you 11% cash back! That's our 110% top cash back guarantee! Even if the site is running a limited-time double or triple the normal cash back for a store we offer cash back on, we will still be it by 110%, guaranteed.

Never again worry about whether or not you're getting the best cash back rewards! When you shop your favorite stores on, the 110% cash back guarantee means that you will be getting the top cash back on every purchase!

Terms and Conditions

Here's how our 110% Cash Back Guarantee Works:

  1. Login to your account.
  2. Click the 110% Cash Back Guarantee button on the store page.
  3. Enter the URL of eligible competitor* where your found a better offer (e.g.,
  4. Input our competitor's offer (e.g., 3% or $3.00)
  5. Submit your request
  6. Make a Qualifying Purchase through within 48 hours.
  7. Once your request is verified by, your account will be credited with the 110% Guaranteed Cash Back amount. (Please allow at least 48 hours for the 110% amount to update to your credited purchases.)

110% Cash Back Guarantee Program Terms and Conditions offers a 110% Cash Back Guarantee when a competitor* listed below offers a higher cash back rate. The 110% Cash Back Guarantee applies to cash back offers for online stores that permit to share incentives and/or commissions with our customers. It does not apply to non-cash back offers, deals, promotions, coupons, etc., or for situations where no cash back is offered by (Please check the cash back terms posted on our site for exclusions, limitations, etc.) The 110% Cash Back Guarantee does not apply when a competitor's offer cannot be verified, which may include limited time or "flash" offers, variable rate offers**, or exclusive offers (e.g., email, mobile, social media, or any offer not listed on the competitor's site). The 110% Cash Back Guarantee applies to a maximum order amount of $10,000 per merchant per day.

We will not be beat by these competitors*

  • Befrugal
  • Ebates
  • Extrabux
  • Fat Wallet
  • Mr. Rebates
  • TopCashBack

To activate the 110% Cash Back Guarantee, the requirements are as follows:

  1. You are a Member of the site
  2. You provide the URL (e.g., of our competitor where you found higher cash back.
  3. You make a Qualified Purchase (within 48 hours of submitting your 110% Cash Back Guarantee request) from the Affiliate Store by clicking the "shop now" button, clicking from the Affiliate Store's store page, or clicking the slider on the Browser App to activate that cash back offer.

The 110% Cash Back Guarantee is subject to verification by using the link you provide. It is your responsibility to submit valid competitor offers. If cannot validate the request and your request is denied, will not be responsible for crediting your purchase with any cash back amount over and above our stated offer. If the competing cash back offer is valid and is better than the cash back offer at at the time you report the competing offer, will apply 110% of the better cash back value to your account on your Qualified Purchase. Your account is subject to the Terms and Conditions***.

  • * does not offer the 110% Guarantee Cash Back on competitors not listed in the Competitor list.
  • **Variable rates where competitor categories are unclear or not identically matched with are not valid (e.g., competitor offers higher rate on Electronics and does not have an Electronics specific category).
  • *** reserves the right to deny 110% Cash Back Guarantee requests on member accounts with bulk/reseller activity.