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Benefits of the Browser App

So, what, exactly, is the Browser App?

The browser app is an extension for your Internet browser that alerts you when coupons and Cash Back offers are available at your favorite merchants. Downloading the browser app allows to give users visual text notices on deals  we call them sliders  that show up between the browser app and your webpage. Just click to get codes and Cash Back without having to leave the site you're on. For shoppers who often forget to search for coupons, the browser app becomes a powerful shopping ally – reminding you to snag the best savings without having to worry about logging in on the actual site.

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How to Download the Browser App

Tired of missing out on deals and Cash Back, and ready to download our completely free browser app? Your road to savings is simple:

  • Follow our easy instructions to download the browser app.
  • Don't see it? Close all your browser windows and reopen a new window.
  • Still not there? It might be hidden. Unhide it by opening "View" on your menu bar and selecting "Browser Apps" or "Toolbars." If there is no check next to " Browser App," check it. You also can try unchecking and checking the box again. If " Browser App" does not appear, it did not install, so return here to install.
  • That didn't work, either? Reboot, disable all virus scan software and try once more.
  • Still having trouble? We're here to help so you can start saving! Contact us.
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Is the Browser App Safe?

In a word: Absolutely. Our browser app is not spyware, malware or a virus. It is a safe and helpful tool to help ensure you score the best possible deals and Cash Back rewards when you shop online. The team works closely with software security companies and services, evaluating safety and software to maintain our trusted status. has been a Better Business Bureau accredited business since 2006. is approved by the following anti-virus companies:

  • McAfee Total Protection
  • Norton IS 2013
  • Kaspersky
  • AVG 2013
  • Avast! Internet Security
  • And many more! is approved by the major affiliate networks including:

  • Commission Junction
  • Linkshare
  • W4
  • CPA Trend
  • Diablo Media
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