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Time Warner
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Time Warner

By bringing innovations such as high-definition television, enhanced TV features, high-speed data, digital phone services, and more, Time Warner is dedicated to connecting people and businesses. Providing connections to each other, information and entertainment, Time Warner’s mission is to give customers control in ways that are simple and easy. They are the leader of entertainment and communications in the industry, and they are bringing that leadership to their customers. Time Warner

Their billing system

Allways wrong....i have to call them every month to fix the billing because over the phone they tell you a rate and when I receive the monthly statement is over for almost $50-70 dollars. This is terrible.

TWC being sold

I am only keeping TWC until they sell out. I have been told after the sale to Comcast (or whoever) that they are going to be sub-contracted to another smaller company, which is suppose to be better.

I've been with TWC for years, STILL HERE !!

Hey Savvy, check out their bundles. I have 1 HD box internet and cable phone,also Encore channels for about $123.00 a month. They are pretty good at fixing problems once you get past the recordings.

Time Warner

When I have had a problem, they fix it!!!


Too expensive compared to others but I have no choice unless I get a dish. I hate that my bill is always over $125 a month for only TV and internet. I have regular internet and 2 HD cable boxes. NO DVR. That's a lot of money to shell out monthly when all of the above doesn't even inlcude a phone!