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Time Warner
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Their billing system

Allways wrong....i have to call them every month to fix the billing because over the phone they tell you a rate and when I receive the monthly statement is over for almost $50-70 dollars. This is terrible.

TWC being sold

I am only keeping TWC until they sell out. I have been told after the sale to Comcast (or whoever) that they are going to be sub-contracted to another smaller company, which is suppose to be better.

I've been with TWC for years, STILL HERE !!

Hey Savvy, check out their bundles. I have 1 HD box internet and cable phone,also Encore channels for about $123.00 a month. They are pretty good at fixing problems once you get past the recordings.

Time Warner

When I have had a problem, they fix it!!!


Too expensive compared to others but I have no choice unless I get a dish. I hate that my bill is always over $125 a month for only TV and internet. I have regular internet and 2 HD cable boxes. NO DVR. That's a lot of money to shell out monthly when all of the above doesn't even inlcude a phone!