ShopGold Frequently Asked Questions

ShopGold Rewards is's Rewards program. If you are a member, you can earn ShopGold Rewards points by participating in ShopGold Rewards actions. You may redeem your ShopGold Rewards for free gift cards to some of the nation's top retailers. For more information, visit "How It Works".

Any United States or Canadian resident who is 18 years of age or older, has a valid email account and is a member may join ShopGold Rewards. See our Terms and Conditions for more information.

Joining ShopGold Rewards is easy, fast and free! If you're already a member, just head to the ShopGold Rewards home page to participate in one of the many ShopGold Rewards actions. Not a member yet? Join here for free, then get started on the ShopGold Rewards home page.

There are many different ways to acquire ShopGold Rewards, including inviting your friends to join, taking a survey, answering a poll, downloading featured apps, registering at featured sites, reviewing a store, or making a purchase.

Non-Purchase Actions
ShopGold Rewards for non-purchase actions (answering a poll or submitting a review, for example) will often credit immediately, but can take up to 3 days.

You should see rewards as Pending within 7 days of your online purchase. In some cases, however, it may take up to 30 days for an online store to submit your purchase information to and for rewards to show as Pending. Rewards will remain Pending for 3 days. When the status changes to Awarded, ShopGold is available for redemption.

If you do not see a Pending reward within 30 days of your online purchase, please contact customer service.

You can find your available ShopGold Rewards on your My ShopGold page in your account.

You may receive Cash Back rewards after making a qualified purchase from an eligible merchant. You will receive a physical check from for your Cash Back rewards, as described here

ShopGold Rewards are points that accrue to your account as you accumulate them via various actions within the ShopGold Rewards program, as described here. ShopGold Rewards points may be redeemed for gift cards to some of the nation's top retailers, but are not redeemable for cash.

As long as you are a member, your ShopGold Rewards will never expire.

No. However, you may only redeem one gift card per day.

You can contact customer support any time with questions or concerns. Just fill out a ShopGold Rewards customer service form located on's customer feedback page. reserves the right to remove any content it considers inappropriate. This includes posts that contain inappropriate language, any use of content that looks like or behaves like spam, or any action deemed offensive or inappropriate by reserves the right to remove any content it considers inappropriate. This includes posts that contain inappropriate language, any use of content that looks like or behaves like spam, or any action deemed offensive or inappropriate by
To earn rewards for referring a new member you must invite them through our Friend Invite page and they must join via Facebook through the invitation sent through Each new member should be a unique individual with a valid Facebook account who abides by the terms and conditions of Individuals attempting to invite themselves and create multiple accounts will not receive rewards and could be subject to deactivation.
Thanks for inviting a friend! You will receive your ShopGold Rewards after your friend becomes a member of and makes at least one qualifying purchase of $25 or more through within 30 days of joining. Qualified purchases: A qualified purchase is a purchase that a member has made at an affiliate store's website after: (a) going to the site and connecting to the affiliate store from a designated Cash Back link from the site; (b) clicking on a browser app slider that appears when a member visits the website of an affiliate store; (c) clicking on a link in an email from that goes directly to an affiliate store; or (d) any time the browser app redirects a member through the site back to the affiliate store website. The qualified purchase amount is calculated by the affiliate store after all discounts, and does not include taxes, shipping charges or other fees.
A pending invited friend will show in your account as pending once your friend accepts the invite and joins through your unique link.
To update your basic information, mailing address and more, please visit the My Settings page.
Head to the email preferences page to adjust your email settings. If you are not receiving emails from, make sure to check your junk folder.
Your ShopGold Rewards account may be disabled if the account is used inappropriately. Examples of inappropriate conduct include the use of offensive, lewd or otherwise inappropriate language, engaging in offensive actions and any other type of behavior deems to be inappropriate. If you are not sure why your account has been blocked, or believe you have received this message in error, please contact customer service.
The gift cards you receive from ShopGold Rewards are considered compensation by the Internal Revenue Service. In order to comply with applicable law, is required to report all members who accumulate more than $600 in gift cards to the government agency. If you have received an email or an alert about completing a W-9 form, you are about reach the $600 limit, and will need to fill out a W-9 before you will be allowed to claim any more gift cards.
You are able to see a full history of your ShopGold Rewards on your My ShopGold page.
It depends on the gift card. You can check how many ShopGold Rewards are needed to redeem a specific gift card by going to the My ShopGold Rewards page.
Simply head to the My ShopGold tab on your account page and choose a gift card from the Rewards Catalog.
Codes for gift cards are revealed once you redeem a gift card. Click to redeem your gift card, and then click the blue "Reveal Gift Card Code" button from the pop up window. Your redeemed gift card code can be viewed at a later time under the My Gift Cards tab on the My ShopGold Rewards page by clicking on the gift card.
We have worked hard to include merchants who allow Cash Back on purchases made with gift cards. However, merchant policies change, so it's always a good idea to check Cash Back guidelines on store pages.
No. Once you have redeemed your ShopGold Rewards for a gift card, you may return to ShopGold Rewards any time to retrieve your gift card code in your account. The gift cards redeemed through ShopGold Rewards are provided by a third party. In most cases, will be able to confirm when a gift card has a $0 balance. However, for some merchants the user will be responsible for knowing the balance on the gift card.
The number of gift cards that can be used on an order is dependent on the merchant.
There is no limit to the total number of gift cards. However, you may only redeem points for one gift card per day.
ShopGold Rewards is always working on updating our gift card selection. Keep collecting ShopGold Rewards and check back to see if your favorite merchant becomes available.
No. Once you have redeemed your ShopGold, the gift card selection cannot be changed. Exceptions will be made if we no longer partner with the merchant associated with your gift card.
If a gift card is locked, you have not accumulated enough ShopGold Rewards to redeem it. Once you have the necessary amount of ShopGold Rewards in your account, gift cards will become unlocked.
It is our policy to limit the number of gift cards that can be redeemed in a day.