How to stay fly when you're a parent, plus best mom rap videos

Yo, Mama! How to stay fly when you’re a parent, plus best mom rap videos

June 3rd, 2013

By Aimee Heckel

You’re still cool. Or sick. Or whatever it is the kids say these days. Just because you’re a parent doesn’t mean you gave up all your street kred. (See? You even still get down with a gratuitous “k.” Never mind the very un-gangster use of the word “gratuitous.”)

Here are four ways to keep fly and fresh, even after you multiply:

JJ-001-3x31. Hook up some Jammy Jams. As in jams. That you listen to. In your jammies. Jammy Jams’ CD, Once Upon a Rhyme, is a compilation of lullaby renditions of hip-hop classics. Soothe your little b-baby with the gentle bomping of Coolio’s Gangsta’s Paradise, remixed to sound like a tiny little music box of hip-hop delight. And if your babe is acting up, put on some Regulate by Warren G to show who’s boss. Softly and peacefully, that is.

You can find Jammy Jams online at Target, Barnes & Noble and, to name a few stores.

2. Dress your mini in dope duds. CafePress has an endless stream of funny, clever and just plain “g” onesies, like one that proclaims “I love hip-hop” for $18.

il_570xN.355714379_b7qzIf you’re more of an organic, natural, handmade kind of parental thug, the Etsy shop BoogalooBubbyWear (best name ever?) sells a cute onesie of a bunny wearing headphones for $18.

BoogalooBubbyWear (we just want to keep saying it) sells a ton of adorable kids clothes. Also, look for the onesie with headphones that says, “I rock.”

3. Get on the (educational) dance floor (at home) with Baby Loves Hip Hop. This CD story is a musical journey following five dino friends as they learn life lessons and have fun. Aw, hip-hop with a message. Get the hookup for your (literal) shorty at

4. Get down with the best parent rap videos. Here are our faves – worth keeping bookmarked. 

The Parent Rap: The best known OG of parent raps. “Don’t make me count to 1-2-3.”

I’m a daddy and I know it: To the tune of Sexy and I Know It. How could it possibly go wrong?

Running errands with my mom: Any pre-teen or teen can vouch for how awesome it is to hit the bank with yo mama.

The Motherhood: OK, this one is a UK Fiat commercial, but it’s still funny.

Pregnant and I know it: “Just look at my belly. I pig out.” Not sure why this one is sung by a man instead of a girl, though.

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