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Yes, you really can wear heels while pushing a baby stroller

August 24th, 2013
This photo of Phil&Ted's new Promenade stroller features a rare creature, the Mommy In Heels.

This photo of Phil&Teds’ new Promenade stroller features a rare creature, the Mommy In Heels.

By Aimee Heckel 

When Phil&Teds recently released an image of a mom pushing a new, luxury stroller while wearing tall nude heels, moms of the Internet let the company know what they thought.

They didn’t believe it.

They laughed at the idea of going on a walk in heels, or owning heels for any purpose other than letting your child chew on them or play dress-up with them. Heels are impractical, uncomfortable and inappropriate for a mom, they said.

We are here to tell those moms that we don’t believe them. Moms can absolutely wear heels while on a walk — or on a date, or while making dinner, or while just lounging around — if you buy the right pair of shoes.

Cheap Forever 21 heels? Your feet will swell and cry.

But here are our favorite comfortable, high-quality heels that we recommend for moms around the world who want to look lovely, whether they’re pushing a high-end Phil&Teds stroller or a cheap, hand-me-down umbrella stroller.

1. Shoes of Prey call themselves the world’s most comfortable heels. If you think pushing a stroller in heels is ridiculous, trying running on a beachside trail wearing 4.5-inch gladiator stilettos. (Watch the video to witness it astonishing glory.) These heels feature toe cushioning, a reinforced steel heel, a tapered heel panel to grip the back of the foot — all kinds of strategic designs to make these heels as comfortable as possible.

2. Jessica Simpson “Given” heels. Not only are these shoes reasonably priced (under $100), they’re sexy and comfortable, with the more spacious rounded toe. calls these the “holy grail of heels,” and says you can wear them for hours without suffering.

3. Cole Haan Air High Heels. Oprah loves these, which is probably all you need to know. Some of these shoes also feature Nike Air technology on the mid-sole to cushion your tootsies.

Now that you have comfortable shoes… 
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