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New Year’s resolution: eat better

January 3rd, 2013

by Shelley Langenhorst

This New Year, resolve to clean up your diet and start eating better. A healthy diet is about more than just eating your fruits and veggies. Check out these quick tips for boosting your nutritional intake and feeling great this year.

Eat more greens

Greens are the key to feel revitalized, energetic and healthy! Add a variety of greens to your daily diet to get the widest nutritional benefit.

Upgrade your salads from iceberg to a combination of romaine and spinach. Add a little chard to your next smoothie for a boost that you can’t even taste. Try out a heartier kale salad or snack on some kale chips (now widely available at Whole Foods and other like stores).

However you do it, just make sure to eat lots of greens this year. Your body will thank you.

Switch to whole grains 

If you haven’t made the switch from simple to whole grains yet there’s no better time than the present. There is a wide variety of whole grain foods on the market available at all major grocery stores.

Swap white rice for brown rice or try out a new grain like millet or quinoa. Trade in your sugary breakfast cereal for oatmeal. For your next spaghetti dinner use a whole wheat or brown rice variety. Just stay away from refined products as they spike your blood sugar and don’t offer any real nutritional benefits.

Savor the sweetness of fruit

When that post-dinner sugar craving kicks in resist the urge to reach for the ice cream container. Instead, eat fruit instead of processed sugary treats as often as possible. If you really need something creamy and cold consider banana soft serve: place a frozen banana with berries into a food processor and run until smooth.

Along with satisfying the sweet tooth, fruit provides fiber and vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that you simply can’t find in a box of cookies.

Ditch foods that make health claims      

This may seem counterintuitive, but to eat better you really need to avoid the foods that make health claims. Just because a boxed or bagged product calls itself low-fat, whole grain, or sugar free does not make it good for you.

Try to avoid processed foods as much as possible and reach for whole, real foods that nature provides for us.

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