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Versatile Audio Video Devices by RDL

May 29th, 2013

RDL stands for Radio Design Labs and the company does just that producing quality amplifiers, preamps, headphones, monitors and related audio, video and control electronics products. RDL is based and Prescott, Arizona but the company was founded in California in 1986. Today the products are used by professionals in serious industries around the world for their impressive engineering, innovative designs and quality results. Many of the products are also useful and applicable for many different purposes. These products feature affordable price points and exceptional quality in rugged, durably designed models:

ART SLA1 Power Amplifier is a powerful, durable and rugged model with rich and full sounds and little unwanted noise or distortion. It’s effective enough to be appropriate for use in recording studios. $270 is the average online retail price for this product.

Balanced to Unbalanced Converter – 2 Channel is a converter so durable it features a three year warranty from the manufacturer. It provides quality sound with low distortion and low noise. The compact size opens up a world of opportunities for placement and setup. This item sells for an average online retail price of $205.

John Hardy Company M-2 2-Channel 2-Channel Microphone Preamplifier is a reliable model delivering superior signals through innovative processing. It has LED illuminated controls for ease of use in dimmer atmospheres and the ability to change the voltage for international use. This item has an average online retail price of $1,700.

Radio Design Labs EZ-VMD4 XGA/VGA Distribution Amp, 1×4 is a high-resolution amp in a portable, convenient size. $160 is the average online retail price for this distribution amp.

Radio Design Labs FP-PA20 20W Mono Audio Amp, 8 Ohm is a powerful, reliable amp with great sound quality from the company. This item may be purchased for about $128 retail at online stores.


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