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Use versatile filters for your next photo shoot with Hoya products

June 17th, 2013

No matter where you are in the camera hierarchy-either just beginning or a professional- it’s important to always have handy camera accessories with you, no matter what. Each accessory has its own purpose, and if you plan on taking more pictures than normal, then you should sit down and take a sec to look at all your options. 

Hoya 55mm 3-piece Filter Kit (includes a UV, CPL, 81A + Filter Wallet) will keep your lens protected against any harmful UV rays brought on by the sun. This kit also will help prevent scratches, moisture or other elemental components to affect the surface of the lens so you’ll be able to take a clean shot every time.

Polaroid Optics 72mm Multi-Coated Uv Protective Filter (PlFiluv72) will help sheild your lens, but will also enhance picture quality, especially in instances where haze or fog can alter the look of a picture. This filter is multi-coated to prevent any flares as well, and comes with a ten year warranty in the event that it doesn’t perform the way it should.

Zeikos ZE-UV55 55mm Multi-Coated UV Filter keeps out any harsh rays, and fits onto cameras of the same mm size up, though various different camera types will be able to take the filter without a problem. Make sure that the lens is correct or it won’t work properly for your camera.

46mm Uv Filter is a popular model among camera gurus, and also helps to eliminate bluish cast that is sometimes found while taking images; the same way in which you have to change settings or lighting to avoid the dreaded red eye in photos. These lens can be left on the the camera or taken off to switch it depending on what you’re taking pictures of and only cost $5 on many online retail sites.

Polaroid Optics 58mm Multi-Coated Uv Protective Filter (PlFiluv58) is a brand that has been around awhile, and knows a thing or two about creating protective gear for your camera. Whether taking shots high up on a mountain, or by the beach, this filter will prevent your lens from experiencing and scratches, dust or water.


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