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Use an adapter to avoid computer shut downs

June 21st, 2013

If batteries could last all day, it would solve a lot of problems but in the mean time there are ways to help alleviate the problem. With a Denaq power adapter, you can continually charge your battery at any time that you get your warning. Finish up your presentation, email or status update without having to run around to find another computer to use. 

Denaq 2.7A 18.5V AC Power Adapter for HP / Compaq Laptops works for not only HP computers but also for Compaq, so you can share with someone else at home if there’s two different brands. You can purchase an adapter online for an average of $35, but some retail stores also carry the product.

Denaq 3.5A 16V AC Power Adapter for IBM Lenovo Laptops can be stored anywhere and doesn’t take up a lot of space. Take it on trips to different states, countries or just the coffee shop down the street, and keep the battery working for as long as you need.

Denaq 3.68A 19V AC Power Adapter for GATEWAY Laptops can be purchased online or instore for Gateway laptops. Bring your power adapter with you on the road on or on planes with an inverter if the vehicle has the right plug-ins.

Denaq 4.1A 19.5V AC Power Adapter for SONY Laptops is specific to Sony laptops that have a bigger battery life. Even if you have a five or six hour battery, it’s always nice to have an adapter to give it even more power. Yu can purchase one of these adapters on various online retail sites on average for $35.

Denaq 3.75A 16V AC Power Adapter for SONY Laptops works on most Sony laptops, and delivers quick performance every time. Whether you’re in the middle of a game, or you are listening to music, your battery can start to drain, so avoid your computer from turning off with this adapter.


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