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Update your shower routine

July 18th, 2013

If your after shower routine is missing something, take a look at a few of the products featured below. From shave oils to hair masks, there is sure to be something that you can add to your routine to get the look that you want. Keep your skin soft, your hair moisturized and your body smooth with a few of these oil-based products. 

Pureology Super Smooth Relaxing Hair Masque 14 oz delivers moisture and shine to damaged, brittle and dry hair. The mask contains various oils and shea butter to smooth and condition hair. The formula is safe for color treated hair and is actually recommended for just that. The average price of this mask is $27 on the web. 

Pureology Super Smooth Shampoo 10.1oz will protect your hair’s color and also keep it smooth and shiny. The shampoo delivers moisture to the very inner layer of the hair while cleansing it ever so gently. The product contains a unique formula of various oils and also shea butter. The average price of this shampoo on the web is $27. 

Origins Easy Slider Pre-Shave Oil contain sesame oil to soften the hair follicles before shaving. Say goodbye to razor burn by using this product before shaving. Not only will it allow you to get a clean, close shave, it also moisturizes skin to leave it looking and feeling great afterwards! The average retail price of this product on the web is $21 per bottle. 

Aura Cacia – Sesame Oil – 4 fl oz is a great moisturizer for skin and hair. After showering or bathing, rub the oil all over your body. The oil will be quickly absorbed into your pores and leave you with soft, dewy looking skin. The average retail price of a bottle of this oil on the web is $4.49. 


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