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Universal earplug products for all-purpose use

June 13th, 2013

Earplugs can be products for home or professional use. Earplugs protect against noise induced hearing loss, whether you’re on loud machinery or around heavy blast noises in a work setting. However, earplugs can also be used for simply trying to tamper down noise around the house, whether you’re in a home office with a nearby television set blaring or reading a book with others in the house. Take advantage of a universal earplug product, regardless of its intended use and ensure it will become a multipurpose product.
The following are some universal earplug products for all-purpose use:
3m 312-1260 Ear Plugs 33db Corded Universal pk200 1vjy2 have a neon green earplug piece with a bright orange cord. The plug is made from a polyurethane material and comes in the standard bell shape.
3m 318-1009 Ear Plugs 30db Corded Universal pk200 1vjy4 have a bell shape that is a tad more tapered than the standard style. The bell features a ribbing accent to help adhere better to the natural contours of the ear canal. The noise reduction rating is 30dB and it has a bright blue cord to ensure it’s ready for use.
3M 340-4017 Ear Plugs 25dB Corded Met Det Univ PK200 has a bright blue earplug with matching cord. The evergreen tree style plug has a steam attachment that allows for a more hygienic method in inserting and removing the plugs.
3m 370-2000 Ear Plugs 22db Corded Universal pr 1vka1 has a noise reduction rating of 22dB. The actual plug is yellow and red with a ribbing feature and the cord is black. The handy plastic carrying case allows for convenient storage and an easy to find item, perfect for work purposes.
3m 340-4004 Ear Plugs 25db Corded Universal pr 4t151 are reusable earplugs with a tree top design for a hygienic use that eliminates hand to ear contact.


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