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No TV for Super Bowl Sunday? Follow all the action with these gadgets

February 1st, 2013

Roku-2-XSby Dan Kricke

Look, nobody’s blaming you for forgetting about the Super Bowl. You probably had something else planned and it slipped your mind. It happens.

But if you’re in a jam, running errands or off meeting with friends who don’t have access to a TV, or who knows what else, you can’t watch the game on a TV this year. Here are plenty of options for keeping track of the game without access to a TV.

Smartphones options

The simplest solution? Use a smartphone or tablet to follow the game. Whether you’re a fan of Apple or Android, you should have no trouble keeping track of the game.

If you’re an Amazon shopper, it’s not too late to upgrade your old phone and have the new one delivered by game time. With your phone in hand you can quickly find an app to let you follow every play of the game. You just won’t be able to see or hear much of the game itself.

On the bright side, if you upgrade your iPhone or iPad at you’ll grab 1 percent cash back, which might make up for following Super Bowl action via text-updates.

Devices that stream TV content

Of course, some people don’t care as much about the game as they do about the commercials and the experience of watching the event. Totally understandable.

For those people, following the game on an iPhone would never do. Luckily both the Roku and TiVo Stream  allow users to stream content from their TVs to their mobile devices, so you can watch the actual game no matter where you are.

Target sells the Roku and is also currently offering 2 percent cash back on purchases, while Best Buy sells the TiVo Stream and is also offering 2 percent cash back.

Going old school with gadgetry 

Here’s an old-school method of following the big game.. the radio. Kmart has some very cool portable radios for sale, including the Sangean America Pocket AM/FM Receiver. Shoppers can pick up 4 percent cash back when shopping at Kmart, as well.

Whatever the reason you aren’t watching the Super Bowl on a nice TV set, don’t worry. With today’s technology you don’t have to miss the game (unless you really want to). With a little ingenuity and some snacks, you can have your own personal Super Bowl party no matter where you are.

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