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Try an assortment of various types of chocolate from milk to dark

July 13th, 2013

Dark chocolate is not the only type of chocolate. Most people first become acquainted with the smooth, mild flavor of milk chocolate or semi-sweet chocolate, which is the preferred type for using in chocolate chip cookies. Chocolate assortments allow you to try dark chocolate against these childhood chocolate favorites to determine your preferred chocolate in adulthood or to set out for a party to ensure that everyone gets their favorite chocolate. See how many types of chocolate you can try in the chocolate assortments below:

Fannie May Milk & Dark Chocolate Assortment 2 LB contains numerous favorites from Fannie May including Pixies, chocolate-covered toffee and buttercreams. It’s like having an entire candy store in a box. You can try candies covered in milk or dark chocolate in this assortment, which usually sells for around $45.
Ghirardelli Assorted Premium Chocolate Squares: 8-Ounce Tin is filled with perfectly sized squares of Ghiradelli chocolate covering fillings like raspberry, mint or caramel. The chocolate coatings may be milk or dark chocolate, depending on the filling the chocolate is surrounding. A large tin weighing 8 ounces of these chocolates sells for an average of $15.
Small Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips: 25LB Case is made for the serious baker. These chocolate chips are the semi sweet type that is typically used in chocolate chip cookies and other baking recipes. These gourmet chips sell for up to $150 for 25 pounds of chips, or an average of $6 per pound.
Cordials – Cognac, 5 lb bag cost around $50 for the bag. Included in the 5-pound bag are dark chocolate-covered liquid cognac centers. These candies combine the bold flavors or cognac and dark chocolate for an alternative to an after dinner drink and dessert. Set these out at a party and watch how fast they disappear.


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