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Trim away unwanted hair with these razor options

July 14th, 2013

The art of shaving has gotten popular over the years, and now more than ever there are a hundred different ways to get into the right razor to trim, cut and buzz pesky facial, leg, or underarm hair. Many companies offer a wide assortment of razors, whether they be basic and disposable, or more longer-lasting and durable products that you won’t have to get rid of for years. No matter what,you’ll have plenty of options to choose from for the right razor or shaver.

Braun Syncro CCR3 Replacement System are nice to have stocked away, as they are refills for self-cleaning systems that are specifically sold by Braun. Use this kit if you aren’t able to go to the store for new blades for your razor, or only in extreme emergencies when you forget to replace the old ones. 

Procter and Gamble 9 Braun Series 1-195 Solo is a great razor to jump into, especially if you’re making the move from disposable to razors that are like their own kit. You can purchase this product online through various retail sites for $70 on average.

Conair Infiniti LWD500CS Rechargeable Shaver follows all the curves, contours and angles of your legs to create perfect and even smoothness after each shave. Leave behind smooth and silky feeling skin, and show off your legs as you enjoy the way they look. 

Conair Satiny Smooth Women’s Rechargeable Shaver-Spa Green is a wet and dry razor that can work on both types of skin without leaving irritation behind. Your legs will thank you for their new look, and you’ll be happy you remembered so you can wear that new dress you bought. You can grab this item online for $36 through various retail sites, and enjoy the power of what a great shaver can do for you.


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