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Treats for your favorite kitty

March 26th, 2013

When you come home from a long day at work, you put your feet up and start to relax, isn’t it wonderful when your little feline friend comes and hops on your lap to show you some love? Well show her some love right back with great tasting treats from Friskies. Your kitty is sure to love any of these special cat treats from the experts at Friskies.


Friskies Crispies Milk Flavor Puffs Cat Treats 2-oz pouch are a super light and airy cat treat that has a crispy texture and the flavor of milk. These Crispies Milk Flavor Puffs are sure to be a new treat that your cat will just love. In fact, she’ll probably start performing tricks on command just to get another taste of these. They run about $3 online.

Friskies Crispies Flavor Puffs Variety Pack Cat Treats 2.1-oz pouch 4pk pouch gives you that great Crispies Puff flavor in a four pack with four different Crispies flavors. You’ll get cheese flavor, chicken flavor, milk flavor and salmon flavor so you can really spoil your favorite cat. Runs about $8 online.

Friskies Party Mix Cheezy Craze Crunch Cat Treats 2.1-oz pouch is a new treat that your cat will just love. Filled with a great cheesy flavor and made of fun shapes and crunchy textures, it’s a party in your cat’s mouth. Grab a small 2.1 ounce pouch for just $4 online.

Friskies Indoor Crunchy Cat Treats 2.1 oz are the perfect treat for your indoor cat. They have a touch of garden greens flavor to give you cat a taste of the outdoors, while still maintaining wholesome grains and all the crunch and flavor that your kitty will love.

Friskies Crispies – Chicken – 2.1 oz combines that great Friskies chicken flavor with the fun of the Crispies line of treats. It is a crunch treat that your kitty will enjoy devouring with all the healthy ingredients that Friskies has always been known for. Runs about $4 online.


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