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Treat your skin to a clean, refreshed look with Elemis skincare products

June 18th, 2013

Could your skin use a little lift? If so, consider checking out the selection of skincare products from Elemis. From gentle cleansers to cream you can apply at night, the brand offers a selection of items that will keep your skin looking and feeling refreshed and healthy. Many of the products are packaged together, so you can easily give them as a gift to someone special. To find the right product for you, check out the following selection from Elemis.

Elemis FreshSkin Fresh Start Discovery Kit has everything you need to rejuvenate your skin. The kit has five different skincare products and includes an exfoliator, a moisturizer for nighttime use and a face mask. The kit is packaged in a plastic container and can be given as a gift, too.

Elemis Revitalising Skincare Anniversary Collection consists of four skincare products, including a cleansing gel, enzyme peel, toner, and moisturizing day cream. The products are packaged in a durable and attractive white bag, making it easy to keep your beauty products all in one place. The product is a limited edition, adding to its appeal. It can also double as a gift for a friend or relative.

Pamper yourself with the Elemis Pro-collagen Queen collection. The set includes six products, including a cream cleanser, toner and eye treatment. The products are packaged in a pretty purple container so you can feel like royalty while you apply your beauty products.

Treat a family member or friend to a refreshed feeling with Elemis FreshSkin Sleeping Beauty. The set consists of three products: a face wash, moisturizer for nighttime use, and a face mask. All three products are bundled in a pretty package.

Cleanse your face with Elemis FreshSkin Gentle Face Wash / 30ml. The face wash will leave you feeling refreshed and clean, especially after a long day.


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