How to travel in high-class style -- for less

How to travel in high-class style — for less

July 19th, 2013

By Aimee Heckel

People used to dress up to fly on an airplane. Then velour sweatpants happened.

Now, it seems people dress down, in their rattiest sweatpants — or worse, straight up pajamas and slippers.

It’s time to bring back some dignity and pride to being in public. We’re not saying you have to blow more money on new clothes than you spent on the roundtrip ticket. But, a shower would be polite. Maybe some ironed clothes with buttons and collars. Not only will you feel better, but taking the time to care for yourself shows respect to the people around you, too.

Here are some ways to class up your next flight — and how to save money doing it.

NMT696M_mx1. Get a new jacket or blazer. Even if you don’t want to wear a button-up, a blazer over a dress or just a T-shirt can make you look and feel pulled together. Like this Michael Kors blue blazer from Neiman Marcus, currently on sale for $111. The model here wears it with a plain white tee and colorful pants; nothing uncomfortable. The swingy cut of the blazer won’t constrict you, and the big white buttons give it a playful look, but it still looks classy and sophisticated.

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2. Tote a chic carry-on. Don’t cram your belongings into a reusable Whole Foods bag. Pick something more durable, with more pockets for easy access and with a beautiful style and design, to pull your outfit together.

237908_3_1We could not love a carry-on more than this one by Juicy Couture, on sale for 59 percent off at eBags for just $99.99. Free shipping.

This bag is the perfect mixture of professional-meets-trendy. Store your quick-access items (phone, headphones) in the big front pocket.

Save money: Beyond the already free shipping and 59 percent off, click here for 60 different eBags coupons and deals to choose from. Our favorite: Get 20 percent off plus free shipping on a shopping cart of more than $49, plus 6 percent Cash Back from Combine all of those offers and get a high-end, designer bag for cheap.

245472_3_13. Pick one quirky (but functional) accessory, such as these faux fur headphones, also by Juicy at eBags. For $29.99, pick from four colors. These are useful while on the plane and look a whole lot cuter than the cheap plastic headsets you will find in your front seat pocket.

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