How to: Save money on designer kids clothes

How to: Save money on designer kids clothes

July 17th, 2013

By Aimee Heckel 

There’s an argument against buying designer kids clothes: kids grow so darn fast, they might grow right out of it the first time you put it on them.

But there are plenty of arguments for choosing higher-quality clothes, too.

If you plan on having multiple kids or handing the clothes down, designer clothing holds up significantly better over time. If you want to make part of the money back by reselling the clothes at a consignment store, you have a better chance of making more money if you pick known labels; and in that, the price may even itself out.

Other times, a special occasion (like a birthday, family photos or Easter) might just call for that one special outfit.

There are many reasons to choose designer over run-of-the-mill — but there is no excuse for wasting money unnecessarily. Here are some surefire ways to save money on designer kids clothing:

1. Shop online, not in the store. Let’s face it; your kid isn’t going to try on the clothes in the dressing room. Shopping online can not only make it much easier to spot the best deals (filter by price and search the “sale” tabs) but also save you time and gas money. Do it while the kid is sleeping and avoid the whole car seat wrestling match.

2. Always, always use coupon codes doubled up with Cash Back when you shop online. makes this easy enough to do with a toddler screaming on your lap. Simply search for your favorite upscale store, pick the best coupons and click. It will redirect you to the store’s regular website and you can shop just like normal, except you’ll be earning Cash Back, too.

_8012747For example, Nordstrom is one of our favorite stores to find adorable clothes for special occasions. offers 17 different deals, plus up to 6 percent Cash Back. So, this absolutely adorbs oh my gosh Burberry Suzanna One Piece swimming suit (for your daughter’s first ever beach vacation maybe?) is $85. Get $5 back for just buying it through

Swimming suits are great hand-me-downs because they aren’t worn as often as, say, pants — plus, your kid is probably not eating red spaghetti while wearing (and staining) it.

Hand down this beautiful suit between your daughters, your nieces and then resell it in a few years. Used kids Burberry swimming suits on eBay sell for $52.50, give or take. If your original suit cost $80  (minus the Cash Back) and you resell it for that price, that’s a designer suit for $27.50. That’s the price of a no-brand Target suit.

3. Don’t forget discount stores. Check stores that sell new, slightly off-season or overstocked designer goods, like the Nordstrom Rack, outlet stores and even Ross or Marshalls. Once again, these shops offer online coupons and Cash Back through, so save money while you’re saving money. 

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