How to: Get the newest, flashiest monitors with huge savings

How to get the newest, flashiest monitors with huge savings

June 5th, 2013

AsusBy Phil Hornshaw

The arrival of 4K resolution in computer monitors and TVs brings a new era of unparalleled depth and clarity for screens. And yet, finding these new monitors can be tough – they are still pretty rare, and still pretty expensive.

If you are set on having the best new monitors for your computer, living room and other family hangouts, there are a few fantastic options to guide your purchasing power. Trust your favorite websites, shop around for good prices and you may find yourself upgrading your monitors a lot sooner than you expected.

The key is shopping around

There are a number of stores where you can get really great monitors, both by going direct to manufacturers and buying through retailers. One store that always makes a good first stop is Newegg, which carries a whole load of great computer hardware items, beyond just monitors. Tiger Direct also includes a comprehensive inventory and offers up to 4 percent Cash Back.

Also carrying a lot of monitors from a number of manufacturers is Dell. It has an extensive selection and offers as much as 4 percent Cash Back. And as always, Amazon is also a good source for many different monitor options.

Buying direct from manufacturers can also play in your favor. ASUS has already unveiled its 4K monitor, the PK321, which goes on sale at the end of June. HP is also a good bet with its 4 percent Cash Back. As is Samsung, although the company has said it doesn’t think the time is right for 4K.

There are great options when it comes to the highest-tech monitors, from super-high resolutions to touchscreen capabilities and more. When you know what you want, the best way to find a great price is the willing to shop around at favorite computer retailers. Don’t forget to try old favorites, such as Best Buy (2.5 percent Cash Back), RadioShack (3 percent Cash Back) and Office Depot (3 percent Cash Back).

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