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The best Cyber Monday electronics deals

November 14th, 2012

By Morgan Phelps

If you survived Black Friday but still have not found the electronic deal of your dreams – or if you’re waiting until then to let the turkey and stuffing settle to drop a few pounds from your wallet instead of your waistline – Cyber Monday offers you a great opportunity to cash in on some extreme electronic deals.

For one-stop cyber shopping, start at Walmart, which is celebrating this year’s Cyber Monday with an entire Cyber Week of deals. Electronics items being offered include flat-screen TVs as low as $179, iPod touches as low as $179 and tablets starting at $79. Besides presenting all the items on its website, you can also download an app, sign up for deal emails and like the brand on Facebook to take even further advantage of this cyber celebration.

If computer specific items are on your radar, you may want to look into what’s being offered at OfficeMax and Circuit City, which both offer a variety of laptops and tablets as well as printers, cameras, furniture, office supplies and plenty of other technology. OfficeMax is offering laptops as low as $250, as well as tablets at an even lower price point.

Also offering electronics at a discount on Cyber Monday are general retailer and cell phone and electronic store Radio Shack, along with dozens of other retailers that may or may not be breaking prices down for Black Friday. Most stores will be posting their deals online or advertising them in the media before you can buy, so you can be well prepared to go on a cyber spree for electronics before Cyber Monday even arrives.

On top of the electronic deals being offered, there will be discounts or free shopping at many of these retailers. Some will even be offering cash back or in-store vouchers for future use with your purchasing. This means you can pay it forward by buying a tablet or a TV at hundreds of dollars lower than you would on an average Monday. And you won’t even have to step away from your camera or smartphone to upgrade them or add some tech accessories to your arsenal.


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