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Terrarium accessories from Zilla

March 25th, 2013

When setting up a terrarium, the right accessories will help your pet thrive in its new home. Zilla is a top manufacturer of products for reptiles and amphibians. The company provides everything you need for your terrarium, including lamps, tank covers and cover clips.


Zilla products include:

Keep your tank lid securely fastened with the Zilla Tough-Top Screen Cover Clip. These tough metal clips provide an added defense against escaping, and they are perfectly shaped for a secure fit. These clips fit on many different models of cover, and they are available for about $13.

The Zilla Reflector Dome – Silver – 5.5 offers a fixture for heating and lighting in smaller terrariums. It accommodates halogen models, and its ceramic sockets will not overheat. Perfect for tropical and desert breeds, this fixture is specifically designed for terrarium heat lamps. It sells for about $9.

For reptilian pets that prefer to go bump in the night, the Zilla Mini-Clamp Red LED Lamp makes a good light and heat source. The red lighting is low enough for nocturnal reptiles’ eyes, while providing a heat source so they can regulate their body temperature. This clamp light is available for about $19.

For craftier reptiles, the Locking Screen Clips 1 Pair offer an extra measure of security. A locking mechanism makes it more difficult for larger reptiles to push the cover off, helping to prevent escape. They are durable enough to maintain their shape while keeping your pet in its habitat. These clips sell for about $30.

Made specifically for breeds that require heat lamps, the Metal Cover Screen For Aquariums 36″ x 12″ Black is a good addition to reptile homes. Its metal mesh screen will allow your pet to breathe while resisting against bites and scratches. It is designed not to burn when heat lamps are left on for long periods of time. This cover retails for about $16.


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