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Tend to every strand with these shampoo products

July 3rd, 2013

It’s unanimous that our hair is one of the most important attributes about you that you need to take care of, but only when the strands are actually strong does it make a difference. Shiny, voluminous hair is achievable, even if your hair doesn’t hold moisture in well, or you is stick straight. Own your style and create a look that speaks true to you, by starting at the beginning and grabbing the right hair products for the job.

Ecco Bella Hair & Scalp Therapy Shampoo, Green Tea and Neem, 8.5 fl oz (255 ml) naturally helps your scap to eliminate pesky dandruff. Heal your hair and scalp with green tea, thyme, ginger, and additional organic herbs to calm the skin, and restore it to the way it was meant to be. You can pick up a bottle of Ecco Bella online or at local retailers for $12.

Eo Products Protective Shampoo Rose & Chamomile (8 Oz) are two quintessential ingredients that truly help calm down stressed hair or a stressed scalp, bathing it with minerals and nutrients that you might have been lacking. This shampoo also helps color-treated hair by locking in the color, making it shine just as much as it did the first day you had it done.

Shampoo Chamomile & Honey 8 Ounces works with a number of different types of hair, and will treat your hair to healthier and better looking locks than ever before. Honey has many valuable healing attributes, and won’t hurt your scalp or throw off your hair’s PH balance. 

Hair & ScalpDoctor Shampoo – Antibacterial – 10 oz is here to fix your irritated scalp problems. Whether your head is itchy or flaky, Scalp Doctor will lead the way for your hair to being healthy again, all while cleansing it of impurities that can cause your hair harm.


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