Video games that teach your kid to dance, not twerk

Teach your kids how to dance — not ‘twerk’

September 19th, 2013
dance central 3

Dance Central 3 for the XBox 360

By Aimee Heckel

Not only did Miley Cyrus’s awkward dance-slash-porn party at the VMAs send many parental hands over their kids’ eyes in horror, it also led to an equally as distressing ripple effect.

The googling of “twerking.”

And the subsequent response: an influx in twerking videos on YouTube.

Let’s face it. We know what the running man is. Roger Rabbit? Check. The Macarena? Yeah, we did it. We aren’t totally out of the modern loop, either; I mean, any half-conscious mom knows how to get down with Gagnam Style.

But whatever happened on that stage with that poor Miley girl — with that — and the — ohhhh. And how she — ugh. Really? Is that how kids dance these days?

If you are one of the many parents who googled “twerking” to figure out what the what it was, you may also be one of the parents who stumbled upon the worst twerk fail of all times. Relax; it ended up being a Jimmy Kimmel prank, much to every dad’s relief.

Don’t let your kid end up on YouTube in a twerking video. Here are three other G-rated ways to help introduce your kid to dancing. Not that — with the butt and — the — oh, shame on you, kids.

1. Dance Central 3 for the Xbox 360, $34.95 at PC Nation. This fun game teaches you kids dance moves from the past and today, and can even host parties of up to eight dancers. The game features more than 40 tracks, from disco to top 40.

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2. Introduce younger kids to dancing with Nickelodeon Dance 2 for the Xbox 360, $33.10 at

This game lets your kids dance along with 20 different Nickelodeon characters, from Dora the Explorer to the Fresh Beat Band. These 30 different dance tracks are innocent, fun and will still get your kids’ feet moving.

3. Play it safe with Country Dance Special Edition for the Wii. This is another easy, inexpensive way to get your kids learning about movement and rhythm, without wearing flesh-colored latex and punishing a foam finger. This game’s only $14.96 at Walmart.

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