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Take a load off with Eurotech Seating chairs

May 31st, 2013

Getting the right chair for a long day at the office can make all the difference. If the chair is uncomfortable, you might not be able to focus or accomplish too much. But if the chair can provide just what you need for sitting at your desk, then you can feel refreshed and with minimal discomfort. With Eurotech Seating, you can find the right chair for any application. The brand offers a selection of chairs, including executive, guest, reception and folding chairs in an assortment of styles. To find the right chair for you, check out the following selection from Eurotech Seating.

Eurotech Seating 1701 High Back Ergonomic Chair will make it more comfortable to sit through meetings or work at your desk. The chair weighs 66 pounds and can be adjusted for your height. It features armrests for additional comfort.

Eurotech Seating Apollo High Back Mesh Chair can be used in a conference room or at your desk. The chair has armrests and swivels, and can also glide across the floor for increased mobility.

Eurotech Seating Apollo Mesh Ergonomic Task Chair is adjustable for just about any height and features armrests for additional comfort and support. The chair is available in four different colors and can swivel and glide.

Eurotech Seating FS9011FABRIX Guest Chair lets your guests cool their feet in style and comfort. The chair has four legs and armrests, and also features cushioning on the seat and on the back. The back of the chair has an open panel. Want to get a few for your reception room? You can save space by stacking these chairs, too.

Eurotech Seating Mesh Task Chair will make it easy to sit at your desk. The mesh back panel allows for air circulation, so you won’t have to work up a sweat while writing your TPS report. The seat has cushioning for your comfort.


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