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Super small earplugs that won’t be noticed

June 13th, 2013

While earplugs serve a functional purpose in the workplace and at home, they aren’t generally thought of as the most appealing looking item on men or women. Glasses have taken a turn in recent years to become super trendy items, whether it’s the geek chic look or the rhinestone studded frames. However, while earplugs may serve a highly functional purpose in hearing protection, it doesn’t seem like they will become increasingly trendy anytime soon. Rather than forgoing this essential piece of work gear, take advantage of some super small earplug products that can remain hidden with ease.
The following are some super small earplugs that won’t be easily noticed:
3M PELTIP2 Ear Plugs 29dB W/o Cord Univ PK200 have a sleek cylinder shape plug made from polyurethane foam. The cordless feature helps it to remain hidden and the yellow tone allows it to semi-blend.
E-A-R MMM3101060 Classic Ear Plugs Pillow Paks Uncorded Foam Yellow 30 Pairs Per Box are washable earplugs without a cord set in a cylindrical shape. They have a noise reduction rate of 29 dB and come in individual pillow packages with 30 pairs to a box. The average retail price for this product is around $10.
3M E-A-R Classic Small Earplugs in Pillow Paks PVC Foam Yellow 200 Pairs/Box are extra small in size and come in a cylinder style shape. Each pair is packed in a pillow packaging case and comes with 200 in each box.
3m 312-1219 Ear Plugs 32db w/o Cord reg pk200 6t545 have a sleek bell shape without a cord. The bell shape allows it to contour to the natural shape of the ear canal in the tapered tip and the broadened base allows it to blend in well on the outer area of the ear.
3m 312-1082 Ear Plugs 29db w/o Cord reg pk1000 3we33 are a bulk item sold in packs of 1,000. This makes a great commercial purchase for companies providing hearing protection in a sleek look.


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