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Sunglasses from Gargoyles keep you classy and protected

June 18th, 2013

Just because you have 20/20 vision now, doesn’t mean that you’re going to be able to see that well forever. If you’re looking to hold onto your great vision as long as possible though, check out the great items that Gargoyles has released so that you can take care of your eyes and look your best. You’re going to draw all eyes to you when you enter anywhere with a pair of great Gargoyles’ sunglasses.

Gargoyles Men’s ‘The Marshall’ Polarized Sunglasses: These stylish glasses are great for the sports buff as they have shatter-resistant lenses and adjustable nose-pads that are perfect for the baseball diamond or even a pick-up game on the basketball court. Don’t let the rays get in your eyes and keep on your game with these great Gargoyles glasses.

Gargoyles Men’s Torque Metal Sunglasses,Black Frame/Green Lens,one size: These one-size-fits-all glasses are absolutely the best in absolute style that you can find anywhere. Just because you wear glasses doesn’t mean that you have to do without style and protection from the sun. The lenses on these Men’s Torque sunglasses are prescription ready for anyone’s vision.

Gargoyles Fabricator Polarized Sunglasses: When playing sports with friends or even professionally, you can’t have sunglasses getting in your way or even falling off when it comes time to make the big play. These flexible nylon frames make it possible to get comfort for anyone’s head and give you 100 percent UV protection so that the glare won’t ever be a problem.

Gargoyles Rover Sunglasses Black / Smoke: Running through the outfield or around the bases can cause a lot of jostling and have your sunglasses falling off without even trying. These specially designed glasses for baseball wrap around your head and its adjustable for security and the utmost comfort.

GARGOYLES BALANCE Sunglasses: Sunglasses don’t have to be uncomfortable or bulky in order to be stylish. These Gargoyles come with rubber temple temple inserts that are soft and keep your glasses flush against your head without being painful or bothersome.


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