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Sunday style: Where to score the best Easter dresses

March 25th, 2013

loft anthrolaceBy flowerfascinatorBrittany Anas

Easter style is where dressing in your Sunday best meets spring fever. It’s that time of year you commit to donning lady-like dresses — even if that means you may find yourself trudging through snow in those optimistic floral and pastel prints. And we salute you for that.

So, how did we get here? Long before there was New York Fashion Week, there was the famous Fifth Avenue Easter parade in the Big Apple. Beginning in 1870, high-class ladies decked out in decadent Easter attire showcased their style by parading along the famous street. (Now we can flaunt our spring style by simply snapping a photo with Instagram and posting it). But, the parade is still an Easter staple, and the attire these days includes bunny ears, bonnets and outlandish costumes that rival those spotted on Halloween.

Here are five dresses (and a couple of bonnets for good measure) we want to play dress up in this Easter: 

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