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Stuff animal children’s toys: Birds, monkey and puppy

June 24th, 2013

Stuffed animals are often the most beloved toys your children will play with. While plastic action figures and playset contraptions can be fun for a short period, stuffed animals don’t seem to ever get old in terms of fleeting tastes. With children having such a short attention span when it comes to toys, they will quickly move on when digging through their toy box. However, sleepy time toys and favorite stuffed animals seem to always be in fashion for your little one.
The following are some stuffed animal toys that can become instant favorites for your child:
Big Bird Mini Plush Doll is a stuffed animal toy that is approximately 8 inches high and features the beloved character from Sesame Street, Big Bird. Big Bird features the classic yellow and orange color scheme and is holding his arms up as if ready to hug your little one.
Curious George Pajamas 16 by Gund is a plush toy featuring the character Curious George in his younger stage. Your child will love this baby monkey, complete in pajama attire and holding his favorite blankie.
Gund Sesame Street Everyday Big Bird Take-Along Buddy 12.5″ Plush is a floppy stuffed animal toy that features Big Bird from Sesame Street. His yellow fur is ultra plush to give the illusion of feathers, just like in the show.
Jellycat Latte Puppy is an ultra plush stuffed animal toy shaped in the form of a brown floppy eared puppy. This is a great alternative to the same old teddy bear styling in stuffed animals and will quickly become your child’s favorite sleepy time toy.
Plush Angry Birds with Sound Mayflower Distributing is an Angry Bird collection of stuffed animals that feature sounds from the popular app. All stuffed animals are sold separately and feature each character bird from the app.


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