The best stores for pet-friendly gadgets

The best stores for pet-friendly gadgets

June 10th, 2013

petdoorby Phil Hornshaw

You’ve got lots of cool gadgets for yourself – gadgets that do everything from entertain to make life more convenient. But, there are also great gadgets out there that can help make your pets’ lives a little better, too, and if you’re the kind of animal lover who wants the best for their animals, finding great gadgets can really help.

While there are a lot of cool pet gadgets, they can sometimes be somewhat hard to find. “Gadgets for pets” isn’t exactly the most comprehensive of Google search terms. If you’re willing to look, however, you can find a number of cool gadgets at great prices.

Check your favorite pet outlets

Some of the coolest gadgets out there for your furry friend include electronic pet doors that can be sealed at certain times of day, air conditioners for dog houses and electronic door bells that notify you when your pet is waiting at the door to go do her business. To find the gadgets that are best for you, first check your favorite shops for pet-related items.

PetSmart is a great place to start, and offers 5 percent Cash Back for your trouble. Among the niftiest gadgets there are some nifty pet doors, which allow you to electronically dictate when they are open and closed for your pets. And for cats, check out these cool electronic litter boxes, which are handy items that will automatically keep the litter box clean. There are also odor reducers that are worthwhile gadgets for your litter box area. In order to widen your selection, check out Pet Supplies Plus.

Gadget shops get imaginative

If you’re looking for something a little less common, you might try The Sharper Image. The store packs 8 percent Cash Back and has great high-tech pet toys – the coolest of which are robotic laser light pointers that will surely keep your pet busy. You will also find other convenient items, like motion-controlled pet food bowls that let you keep your pet’s food area a little cleaner.

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