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Store important media all in one place

June 21st, 2013

When you wanna stay old school and keep hard copies of movies, music and games, there’s a few ways to keep all of your media in the same place, without scattering them around the house, or in boxes that you’ll never open again. Prepac has plenty of options to choose from when you want to keep the room looking organized and put together.

Prepac Black 4-Sided Spinning Media (DVD,CD,Games) Storage Tower is great to keep besides desks or in living rooms, and allows you to access movies without searching over countless shelves. This rotating tower makes it easy to spot what you want to watch or listen to, and you can even alphabetize everything if you want to make your search even shorter.

Prepac BLS-0448-K Large Deluxe Storage with Locking Shaker Doors in Black is so massive. that you can also store knick knacks or small books on the shelves without running out of room for the rest of your items. With beautifully designed doors and handles, you can keep all of your items out of sight. You can purchase one of these deluxe storage shelves for $360 on various online websites.

PrePac Oak & Black 4 Sided Large Spinning Multimedia Storage Tower comes in a color that matches most woods, but can always be sanded and painted over if it doesn’t fit your needs. This tower is perfect for mainly music, but you can also store movies in smaller cases or software for computers and also store them on the shelves.

Prepac Triple Width Barrister CD DVD Media Storage Tower in Black is made with a sturdy wood-like material that will hold together even if there are countless cds or dvds on it. This tower is not meant to have anything very heavy on the top of it however, as it might tilt the tower a bit.

Prepac BMS-1060-K Large 4-Sided Spinning Tower in Black is a simple, go to color, and will hold various types of media without any problem. The spinning rack doesn’t get stuck, so you’ll have access to all your favorite titles.


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