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Store, hold and neatly organize your items

June 11th, 2013

Fix up your home the way that you want and make sure that you keep it all organized. These items here will help to store away unwanted items from your main living space, and keep you from thrashing around all of your drawers and closets just to find one thing that you need. 

Rolodex Nestable Jumbo Wire Mesh Pencil Cup – Black will hold pens, pencils and other small office items, so you won’t wind up with pens all over the house. This pencil cup is also larger than most, and can also hold keys and men’s wallet if you want to use it in unconventional ways.

Cargo Naturals Shelf Box – 7.7 Hx10 5 Graphite can sit on bookshelves to break up the line of books and take up space, or it can even hide under the bed so that no one can see. These boxes can store paperwork like tax forms and bills, or it can hold extra pens and pencils you have lying around.

Fort Knox Pegboard Shelf, 36″W X 5″D X 3/4″H, Black are great to use in garages or in warehouse type settings, so you can then attach shelving along the way to hold tools, inventory or cans of paint if needed. This shelf is made to last, so even if it gets banged up, it will still hold together and won’t bend or snap easily.

WARDROBE CABINET (5′W x 6′H) are great for hallways or for extra closet space when the rest of your stuff won’t fit anywhere else. You can paint this cabinet any way that you want so that it matches the area that you put it in, and it’s great to hold coats, and pajamas.
Rev-A-Shelf 4WB-1419-52 Rattan Base Cabinet 4WB Series 14.5″ Wide Rattan Basket with Cloth Liner can be stored away out of site, or it can sit on top of table or by the door. The clean looking linen that lines the basket can be taken out and washed, or not used at all.


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