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Store handy disposable razors by Gillette in your home

July 14th, 2013

Gillette razors are revolutionary when it comes to smartly designed blades that cut even the most stubborn hair on your legs, or under your arm. Razors are meant to last a long time, and you can find plenty of options when it comes to looking for something that won’t break on you after a few uses. Gillette takes care of their customers by providing product that’s affordable and easy to manage to leave your skin looking radiant.

Gillette Custom Pivot Natural Oils Disposable Razor 10 ct by Proctor Gamble Ora Gillette is great for those who want to put a little moisture back into their legs while they’re shaving. Each razor head has small pads on both top and bottom to release natural oils for smooth, clean cuts. You won’t have to worry about painful knicks with the added protection of nourishing components.

Gillette Custom Plus 3 Disposable Sooth Razors makes this shaver easy to tote around with you, if you travel or have to move around a lot for your job. This pack of razors replace old, dull heads when the blade no longer grabs leg hair when you first bought it. 

Gillette Custom Plus Razors Pivot 10-Pack Ultra Grip- 10 Per Pkg has razors that come with blades that are thinner so you can shave and cut hair easier. Each razor also contours to the face well to make even cuts, and also features a lubricating strip to make your skin soft after you rinse. 

Gillette Disposable Razor-12 Pack are great to have around if your other razor breaks on you. This twelve pack lasts for a long time, and can be stored away under the sink, or in a bag as you travel. You can pick a pack of these up at many retail stores, or you can also purchase them online for an average of $14.


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