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Stock your house up with useful tools and products

June 24th, 2013

For every project in your house or at a business, there is need for multiple items to keep the place running. Whether you’re on the lookout for new office and paper supplies, or you need something for the home, these companies provide great products that are reliable, and will last for as long as you need them to.

Westcott Spiderlite TD3 Hairlight Kit (120VAC) 4891 comes with its own bag for easy storage, and is versatile, as it can take a few different bulb options and still operate. You can pick one of these kits up from various online websites for $699, and add it to additional kits to switch up the lighting exposure for your pictures.

10′ Fiberglass Step Ladder (Type 1A) is sturdy, and won’t tilt while you’re climbing it to reach items on high shelves. Use this ladder for indoor and outdoor jobs, without any problems. Fiberglass ladders will last longer than many other types, so you can keep it for years.

12 x 15 x 66 Single Tier Standard Locker w 1 Wide in Gray (Assembled) is perfect to use at home or for an office break room, so that employees can hold their personal belongings safely on their shift. This locker can be painted a darker color if need be, and can be purchased in bulk for businesses to use.

Felt Strip,f7,1/8 In T,2 X 12 In is perfect to use for craft projects, when you want to firmly stick a white board on the wall for example, and feel secure that it will stay there without falling down.

304 STAINLESS STEEL 1/4″ CROWN x 1 1/2″ STAPLES SSL17 (5M) BOX help to organize your papers together for a presentation or keep important documents together, without breaking and causing the papers to fall haphazardly on your floor.


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