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Stock up on writing supplies with Dixon pencils

May 27th, 2013

Does your office supply closet need a few pencils? If so, consider replenishing it with pencils from Dixon. Established in 1795, the Heathrow, Fla.-based brand offers a multitude of pens, pencils, crayons and other writing instruments in an array of colors. To find the right product for you, check out the following selection from Dixon.

If you like to be able to easily erase a mistake, then consider using Dixon 14402 Dixon Economy Writing Pencil DIX14402 DIX 14402. Packaged in one set of 12 pencils, the product have a graphite core that can be erased easily with the eraser on top of each pencil. The pencils are nontoxic.

Dixon 14415 Dixon Soft Wood Pencil DIX14415 DIX 14415 are grade #2 and are packaged in a set of 10 pencils. The barrel color is yellow, making it easy to spot and grab a pencil amid a cup of other writing instruments. Each pencil is topped with a pink eraser, making it easy to erase a mistake.

Dixon 14998 Dixon Golf Pencil DIX14998 DIX 14998 is a must-have item for any golf course. There are 144 pencils in one box, and each pencil is 3.5 inches long. The pencils aren’t just for golfers, though, as they can be tucked in a server’s apron pocket for taking orders or used by library patrons to record call numbers.

Dixon 2001240: LYRA Colored Woodcase Pencils are just what you need for your next illustration. The pencils are packaged in a set of 24 and are in an assortment of colors. These pencils are ready to use as soon as they arrive, as they are already sharpened.

Dixon 22120 Dixon Prang Colored Pencils DIX22120 DIX 22120 are available in 12 assorted colors, giving you a variety of ways to illustrate a project or correct papers. The pencils have a wood barrel that is easy to sharpen.


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