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Stock up on supplies for your property

June 11th, 2013

Whether you enjoy being outside to fix up the garden, or you’d rather be doing anything else, your lawn needs your help and there’s plenty of tools available to help you with those tasks. And while you are working on your home, family or friends may also need specific tools too, and these items listed here could make great birthday gifts. See what works for you, and cut down your online shopping time in half.

Black & Decker MB-075 Mower Blade fits a specific set of  Black and Decker model lawn mowers if one happens to break.  This blade is designed to stay sharper longer, and works for both bagging and mulching purposes.

Ariens 715094 – Zoom XL Zero Turn Lawn Mower Headlight Kit helps you to mow when it’s not as bright out. When the temperature is hotter than you like, and you don’t want to waste away in the heat, mowing at night seems like a better option. You’ll be less prone to heat exhaustion, and you’ll have a light that will guide you as you mow.

Bosch 83038 Deluxe Door & Jamb Hinge Router Template Kit comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty and helps you to either install new doors, or replacing one on an old cased opening. You can purchase this kit for $239 on many online retail sites.

Cub Cadet Riding Lawn Mower. 54 in. 27 HP Twin Kohler Courage comes in a beige and yellow color that makes it easy to keep track of, even though it is large. It has great control as it moves over grass and dirt, and a cruise control that allows you to set up the different speeds you want to move at.

3gla9 Screen,304 Ss,10 X 10 Mesh,39 X 119 is a replacement screen with a mesh center, and strong steel exterior to protect the material. 


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