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Stay within budget with solutions from General Binding Company

May 30th, 2013

General Binding Company offers products that are great for the office and make it convenient enough to reduce the need to have documents and projects sent out, helping the office manager stay within budget.

Catena 105- 41in Laminator
The Catena Laminator offers workable solutions for offices and business owners alike. This heating device fuses laminate surfaces together with ease. Innovative technology ensures fast reaction time that will alert the user to temperature changes that may compromise the intended outcome. Silicone rollers ensure no scratches will be found on any surface. This laminator can be used with papers up to 41″ and can be found online for just around $9,000.

Catena 65- 25in Laminator
Catena’s Laminator can laminate up to 25″ wide. This machine worlks using both heat and pressure to laminate whatever the job calls for. Great for schools and smaller offices, this machine is compact and can be board mounted for added conveneince and sturdiness. Can be found online for $4,277.70.

“CombBind Standard Spines, 3/4″” Diameter, 150 Sheet Capacity, Navy Blue, 100/Box”
CombBind Standard Spines are a convenient and inexpensive way to bind documents together. Securely fasten unkempt papers into an organized booklet with these 3/4″ spines that hold up to 150 sheets of paper. These navy blue spines are durable and will not copromise the look of any documents. Each box contains 150 pieces and can be found online for $56.45.

Domtar 19-Hole Custom Cut Punched Paper
Domtar 19-Hole Custom Cut Punched Paper is already prepared for added convenience at the office. These pre-punched papers are the standard letter size papers and are white in color. Save time and effort with this pack of 500 that can be found online for $43.93.

“GBC 24-Sheet 3230ST Electric Two- and Three-Hole Adjustable Punch/Stapler, Gray”
Save tons of time by using the GBC Electric stapler and hole-punching combination machine. Have eberything needed to get the task at hand completed quickly. No need to send out doucments to be finished before the board meeting, complete the job at the office in no time flat. This gray machine is electric and can be adjusted to convert from two holes to three with ease. This office equipment can be found online for just under $520.


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