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Standard corded earplugs to purchase in bulk

June 13th, 2013

Earplugs can sometimes come off as a small and insignificant item. However, many professions can greatly benefit from the use of earplugs. For jobs that require a close vicinity to loud noises, simple earplugs can be an item that can prevent hearing loss. Noise induced hearing loss is a relevant problem, whether you’re listening to music too loud or if you’re around loud machinery regularly. Many companies offer their employees corded earplugs because not only does it help to protect against hearing loss but the cord feature allows for them to be at the ready when needed. The cord allows them to hang around the neck when not in use and is a great feature that minimizes instances of lost earplugs.
The following are some standard corded earplug products:
3M E-A-R Classic Earplugs Corded PVC Foam Yellow 200 Pairs/Box is resistant to moisture and offers a noise reduction rating of 29dB. The PVC foam has slow recovery properties and provides a low pressure contoured fit.
3M E-A-Rsoft Yellow Neon Soft Foam Earplugs Corded Regular Size 200/Box have a bright blue cord and yellow earplugs. With 200 in a box, this product can be great for professional use.
E-A-Rsoft Blasts Ear Plugs Corded Foam Yellow Neon 200 Pairs/Box is a self-adjusting earplug with an ultra soft surface. This is a non-irritating earplug with a convenient cord feature to ensure it can stay at the ready when needed.
E-a-r 311-1081 Ear Plugs 29db corded reg pk500 3nhp4 has a noise reduction rating of 29dB with a yellow cylinder earplug and a bright blue cord. The PVC material allows for a contoured fit without irritating the skin.
3M 1110 Ear Plugs 29dB Corded Univ PK100 is made with a polyurethane material in the earplug. The orange earplug matches the cloth material orange cord.


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