Katie Massey spills about style, sports and monograms

Katie Massey spills about style, sports and monograms

June 28th, 2013

Katie Massey Southern FashoinistaKatie Massey of Confessions of a Southern Fashionista is a twenty-something lifestyle blogger channeling her fashion icons, finding her way through life and blogging about it. She quotes Don Draper, loves to talk sports and hits up fashion week like a pro. Meet Katie …

Where I’m based: Macon, Ga.

How long I’ve been blogging: Eight months

Blog/business basics: Confessions of a Southern Fashionista is essentially a lifestyle blog with a Southern viewpoint. I blog about anything and everything from fashion and recipes, to sports.

Other blogs I love: Oh gosh there are so many blogs I love to read! But a few of my favorites — Venus Trapped in Mars, Hooah & Hiccups, Two Thirds Hazel, Confessions of a Northern Belle, Tiffany Style, Northern Belle Diaries, Blonde Southern Lovin and My Style Vita.

Guilty pleasure: I have a few of these. When it comes to food/drink — it’s definitely the banana margarita that my best friend’s mom makes. It’s so good. TV — Dance Moms and any of the Real Housewives.

Last thing I bought: A pair of olive linen shorts and a navy blazer from Shop Social Dish in Statesboro, Ga. It gets so hot down here during the summer that I live in shorts and I needed a new navy blazer because mine ripped.

Fav stores:  Express, H&M, DressU boutique, ShopSocialDish, Cheeky Peach in Athens, Ga. and Head over Heels in Macon, Ga.

Does living in the South influence your style? Oh definitely! I love trying out new trends but my comfort zone — a button down, my J. Crew chino shorts, Sperrys, and my monogram necklace. And I can say with 100 percent certainty that living in the South and not having at least one thing monogrammed is blasphemous.

What season is your favorite in terms of style? I don’t really have a favorite season but since y’all are making me choose, I would have to say early fall because it’s still warm but not unbearably hot. I love being able to wear light layers and not sweat to death — plus early fall means college football season and I love dressing up for football games.

What fashion trend are you wearing this summer? This summer, I’ve been wearing a lot of black, blue and white with pops of neon. As well as a lot of nautical inspired pieces.

Where do you get your inspirations for your outfits? I get inspiration from all over. Magazines, blogs, websites, designer’s collections, TV shows — especially Gossip Girl when it was on — pretty much anywhere. One of the most recent places I got inspiration from was the farmer’s market. Walking through and seeing all the fruit and veggies sitting all next to each other inspired me to mix colors and textures differently than what I had been doing!

What fashion icons do you channel? I have a few fashion icons who I love channeling. My top fashion icons would be Duchess of Cambridge, Victoria Beckham, Diane Kruger, Audrey Hepburn and Rachel Bilson. I love how all of these ladies have such classic style, yet they take traditional pieces and make it their own.

What’s your favorite thing about being a stylist? My favorite thing about being a stylist is helping women feel better about themselves. I love sitting down with them, discovering their likes and dislikes, discover who their fashion icons are and what style they like and then finding pieces that channel the things they love. It gives me a major sense of accomplishment when I get done styling somebody and you can tell that they have this new air of confidence about them. It warms my heart because I know that confidence they have will translate and spill over into other facets of their life.


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