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Biggest fashion moments in soap operas

March 5th, 2013


By Brittany Anas

The famed soap operas “All My Children” and “One Life to Live” are throwing us the biggest twist ending ever: They actually are not ending. The canceled serial dramas will be revived by The Online Network. Later this spring, juicy, drama-dripping 30-minute episodes of both the shows will be available for online streaming on (which is free) and to subscribers of Hulu Plus. Hallelujah! Or, shall we say huluelujah?

So, what can we learn from the soaps? Certainly not relationship values or how to be a good friend. But, we can take this opportunity to take a look back at some of our favorite fashion moments from soap stars.

When Susan Lucci taught us how to color-block in 1991 … We’re convinced that the Soap Opera goddess uses a super-hold hairspray that has kept her same shoulder-length hair style in place since the beginning of time. But, her style is constantly evolving. She was an original color-blocker, sporting the trend on a blazer.

When Kelly Ripa twice wedded Mark Consuelos …. In 1995, Mark Consuelos landed the role of Kelly Ripa’s on-screen lover in the soap opera “All My Children.” They were “Hayley and Mateo” on the soap, but the power couple fell in real-life love. (In fact, Ripa told Redbook in an interview once that she was very forthcoming after meeting Consuelos. She told him: “I had a dream about you last night. We were married and had a little girl and were on a plane to Rome.”) In 1996, Ripa and Consuelos eloped to Vegas and married in real life. And, in case she ever forgets, Ripa has “Consuelos” tatted on the underside of her wrist.

In her soap opera wedding, she wore a delicate scalloped neck on her dress, diamond-drop earrings, white gloves. Her best accessory? Consuelos in a bow tie.

When Cady McLain beat us to the peplum trend … The “All My Children” star wore the ethereal white peplum blouse light years before they dominated the racks at our favorite stores.

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When the whole country tuned in to watch Laura Webber get married … The T.V. bride tide the knot with Luke Spencer at an intimate wedding that included 30 million viewers. The General Hospital couple wedded on television in November 1981. Laura wore an all-out, hello 1980′s puffy long-sleeve wedding dress, complete with a lace bodice and a fancy, embellished veil that decorated her forehead.

(Yes, there are two wedding dresses on this list. But, sheesh, Susan Lucci walked down the aisle seven times alone).

When Old Navy and Telemundo launched a Web-based fashion soap opera … The web-based novella was meant to reach out to Old Navy’s Hispanic base, as the apparel chain has stores in Puerto Rico and ships internationally.

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Brittany Anas is a newspaper reporter, which she says is basically like going on a professional scavenger hunt every day. She became hooked on fashion in the early 1990s when her mom sewed her a pair of MC Hammer pants and matching headband. Brittany lives in Denver, Colorado and loves spending time with her southern gentleman of a boyfriend and their pot-belly pig-gremlin mix that the rescue organization described as a “Boston Terrier.” She fancies polka dots, Detroit Pistons basketball and brunch. Brittany blogs at and Twitters from @BrittanyAnas. Find her on Pinterest or ping her on Google+.

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