Smartphones that will use Snapdragon 600

Smartphones that will use Snapdragon 600

June 26th, 2013

SnapdragonBy Phil Hornshaw

The battle between Apple‘s iOS platform and Google’s Android is ever-raging when it comes to smartphones, but there’s one arena in which there’s often a clear winner: power.

Apple’s iPhones might find themselves at the high end of the spectrum in terms of pricing and features, but they are sometimes stymied by a need to provide a particular price-point (the traditional $200 with contract) and things like long battery life. Meanwhile, Android devices are free to use whatever hardware the manufacturers want, and that often leads to some souped-up devices.

In the power department, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 600 chip is a pretty impressive piece of technology. It’s a quad-core 1.9GHz processor, which is faster than some of the best phones out there. Right now, the 600 is among the best processors you can get for an Android device, with graphics rendering that outpaces its predecessor by 300 percent, the ability to support cameras of up to 21 megapixels, and support for resolutions up to 2048 x 1536 and 1080p external devices.

There are only a few devices that feature the Snapdragon 600, so if you’re looking to check one out, shopping around for a good deal is key.

Find your next phone

Four devices sport the Snapdragon 600: The HTC One, the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S4 Active, and the LG Optimus G Pro. All of those devices can be had for decent prices if you want a new contract with a cellular provider.

Depending on the carrier you want, you’ll be able to find solid prices on all these devices. AT&T carries the LG Optimus G Pro for $99, and the Galaxy S4, S4 Active and HTC One for $199 – plus as much as $50 Cash Back. Compare those prices to Sprint, which carries the Galaxy S4 and Optimus G Pro (plus offers $40 Cash Back), and to T-Mobile (with up to $37.50 Cash Back) and Verizon along with the above two, as they all carry the Galaxy S4. Depending on which carrier you want and what other concerns you have, there are lots of pricing options.

You can also find these phones at retailers such as Best Buy (2 percent Cash Back) and RadioShack (3 percent Cash Back), where you can often snag them either on contract with a carrier, or off-contract (but for significantly more). Whichever route you go, shopping around is the best way to get your needs met and keep your price down.


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