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Small electrical products to ensure a proper working conduit

June 16th, 2013

Large electronic units often get all the glory when it comes to working conduits. Whether it’s fuse boxes with hidden wiring or circuit breakers used in a professional capacity, there are a number of tiny parts that make the electrical unit work properly. While many of these items are behind the scenes and never get the attention the entire unit receives, these small parts are crucial to the overall working unit.
The following are some electrical products that are small in stature by Remington:
Design Pro Series Black LED Plug-In Power Supply 30W can be used in a variety of different items. It is class II rated and around 4 feet long in its cord. It is a 1-female connector with an average retail price of around $60.
2 Lamp Magnetic Fluorescent Ballast F20 T12 120V is an item used with fluorescent lamp models F15T8, F15T12 and F20T12. It operates at 120 input volts and features a preheat trigger property. It has an average retail price of around $21.
ARGENTINA PLUG ADAPTERS WA-10, WA-16, #1  #2  & #6 have three different adapter plug forms to suit your specific needs. The differing adaptor types are numbered in terms of the style. The average retail price of this product is around $23.
Broan 12C 12CMG Replacement Vent Fan Motor #99080181 has two mounting studs on the back and a dual prong plug feature. It features 1.2 amps, 1350 RPM and 120 volts.
Cadence 0G100-BLACK 0 Gauge 5 Foot Black Amp Power Wire Spool w/ Cool Cable Technology (Cut from a 100 Foot Spool) has an average retail price of around $13.50. It features a PVC translucent braiding in a flexible design. It operates in extreme temperatures from 110 degrees Celsius or 230 degrees Fahrenheit. It is easy to cut and resistant to abrasion ad chemicals.


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