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Shure’s Professional Microphones & Accessories

May 30th, 2013

Shure is an American company of professional audio equipment for industries such as broadcast media, music and organizations of public speakers. The product range includes such items as microphones, shock mounts, headphones, wireless systems and earphones. The selection is plenty and there are great selections at many price points depending on budgetary allowances of the customers:

Rode PG2 Pistol Grip ShockMount for Shotgun Mics is a strong shock mount for getting rid of unwanted handling noise. It’s boom mountable and it comes with two interchangeable mounts and an Allen wrench. This item comes with a ten year manufacturer’s warranty. This product features an average online retail price of $80.

Shure 104C Indoor/Outdoor Communication Mic has a wide-ranging frequency response and a portable, lightweight body designed to weather the elements with the ability to perform in high or low temperatures and a durable construction. $85 is the average online retail price for this microphone.

Shure 520dx Green Bullet Harmonica Microphone is a rugged, durable omnidirectional model manufactured by Shure. It produces quality sound and offers great volume control. This model may be purchased for an average online retail price of $120.

Shure 55Sh Series Ii Microphone is a vintage model with all of the benefits of today’s technology. It’s a durable cardioid microphone that adds great visual appeal for soulful genres such as jazz or blues. The average online retail price of this item is $180.

Shure A27SM (Shock Mount for KSM27) is a shock mount to stop noise such as handling noises, vibration and mechanical sounds from emitting from microphones to mar or ruin performances or presentations. ShureLock keeps the microphone safely and securely snapped in place to the mount for effective use and to keep the microphone safe from harm. $65 is the average retail price of this model.



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