Is the Toolbar Safe? |

Is the toolbar safe?

July 17th, 2013

magic-wandBy Lesley Kennedy

Wish you had your very own shopping fairy to sprinkle savings dust on all your purchases? Meet the toolbar. The browser app is a tool created to save you not only time, but (hooray!) money, too. And, best of all, it’s totally free.

Worried that it’s a virus, spyware or malware? Simply put: It’s not.

We actively test that our toolbar is compatible with all the top anti-virus companies, receiving approval from anti-virus companies including McAfee Total Protection, Norton IS 2011, Kaspersky, AVG 2011, Comodo and ETC! It also is approved by the major  affiliate networks including Commission Junction, Linkshare, W4, CPA Trend and Diablo Media.

It’s definitely safe,” says Michael Kuehn, online marketing manager at “We work closely with website services and software security companies to ensure that our software is secure. And we don’t do anything without asking the user for permission first.”

Kuehn says a key feature of the toolbar, which will appear at the top of your browser, is that it allows you to shop uninterrupted. Click the sliders that appear, for example, and you’ll find deals or be able to snag Cash Back offers right on the merchant site without interrupting your shopping.

Sold? The toolbar is easy to install. If you’re not already a member, click here to join (it’s as simple as creating a username and entering your email address and a password — or just log in using your Facebook, Twitter, Google or Yahoo account).

Then, click here to download the free toolbar browser app. You’ll be saving in just a few clicks. We recommend you use our default search provider to take advantage of all the savings you can. Don’t want to? No problem. Just unclick the box before you click “Start Saving.” See, easy.

Shopping fairy? At your service.



Lesley Kennedy is Senior Managing Editor at and an online shopping expert. She has worked as a writer and editor for websites including,,, AOL/Huffington Post, and others. She also served as the Deputy Features Editor and Fashion Editor at the Rocky Mountain News. Lesley lives in Denver with her husband and two daughters. Email her at

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