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‘She Said He Said’ fashion blog gives a guy’s viewpoint on women’s fashion

April 25th, 2013

chelsea1chelseajohnchelseajohn2By Brittany Anas 

First came friendship. Then came love. Then came a fashion blog!

Chelsea and John, a power-blogging couple from Redondo Beach, Calif., are the brains behind the She Said He Said fashion blog.

Like many fashion blogs, Chelsea posts snapshots of her daily style on the site. But here’s where it gets interesting: John gives commentary.

And, yes, while he’s a doting boyfriend, he doesn’t hold back. In one recent post, Chelsea creatively paired leopard-print shorts with a hat fit for the races and popped a neon purse into the sexy-sophisticated mix. John’s response? “I can’t stop looking at her and I am still trying to figure out if it’s good or bad.”

Chelsea earned her communications degree from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising and a marketing degree from California State University, Dominguez Hills. She now works in e-commerce and John — who has an applied science degree — is a project engineer. They’ve been together for six years.

The duo recently chatted with us about their love affair with fashion.

ShopAtHome.com: Your blog is such a fun experiment, giving women a guy’s point of view on fashion. What’s been the biggest surprise? What have you learned about your boyfriend through co-writing the blog?

Chelsea: I really like hearing his ideas, praises or criticisms. They help me grow and I appreciate his point of view. The biggest surprise has been his way to describe fashion in a way that I may not look at it. He is creative in his own way and I love that even after weekly looks, he still thinks I am attractive. I have learned that John likes tight pants and high heels — what guy doesn’t? Just kidding, but he really cares about my appearance and that is so flattering. After six years he still makes my day. Also, his own monthly series, “She Said His Turn… to Be Styled”–  I love how he writes his own outfit thoughts, how he feels in it, what he loves the most about it. It is refreshing to read.

SAH: We ladies are quick to jump on some interesting trends, whether it be ombre, high-low dresses (i.e. mullet hemlines) or heart-shaped sunglasses. Are there any trends that are just flat-out funny from a guy’s point of view?

John: I really cannot stand dresses worn over jeans. I don’t understand it. I have seen women do this and it makes me think they are cold or something. This is a fashion don’t in my book. Pajamas are also not attractive. You are outside or at work, not in bed. I like girls who at least try a little bit and care about their appearance.

SAH: What trends are you looking forward to this summer?

Chelsea: Bring on the boyfriend jeans and pastels. Though I love a pinch of neon, the colors this summer are so calming and pretty. Girly and beach-ready. I can’t wait!

SAH: What’s your favorite look on Chelsea?

John: My favorite look on Chelsea would have to be eye-catching business attire. I love a simple white button-down shirt; usually ones she wears from Express. They are so flattering and hot. This look also must be worn only with pumps — not wedges, flats or boots.

SAH: What stores do you have bookmarked on your computer?

Chelsea: Well, I work around online fashion, so the stores I love most are Forever 21 for basics and Nordstrom because they have whatever you need. I’m also loving sites like Tobi.com, Lulu’s and Macy’s. (The Bar III line cannot get any cuter!) Offline, I love going to T.J.Maxx, Marshalls and Loehmanns, I love stores that sell high quality at a lower price.

SAH: How would you describe your own style, John?

John: My style is semi-casual. I like to be current, fashionable and a little risky. I like to try items that I don’t feel 100 percent comfortable in; a hint of color or shoes I would not normally choose. GQ magazine has a great outlook for ideas to style my wardrobe with.

SAH: How has your style evolved since starting the blog?

Chelsea: My style has evolved only because I like to shop a lot … everywhere. I love glam pieces, but mixing them with grunge can look just as elegant. I try to mix up my looks. In the beginning I was a little shy, sharing my look every day on social media and having people judge you. Well, I have learned, thankfully, it is not like that at all. I love sharing my looks so others can get inspiration and, if the boyfriend approves, it’s a win win!

SAH: If you had one tidbit of style advice to lend to women, what would it be?

John: My style advice would be never take a day off. Someone is always looking at you and when you feel confident and beautiful that day, it will show through. Don’t be too trendy make your own trend but step outside the box a little bit; it is a great way to find your style.

Want to see more? Follow the style adventures of Chelsea and John at She Said He Said Fashion. 

Photos courtesy of She Said He Said Fashion

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