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Seymour Duncan Pickups Bring Guitars More Tonal Options

May 30th, 2013

Seymour Duncan is one of the most highly-regarded manufacturers of guitar pickups and pedals and they’ve been in the business since 1976. So many professional musicians use Seymour Duncan products including Tom Hamilton of Aerosmith, Keri Kelli of Alice Cooper, Scott Hill of Fu Manchu, Mike Einziger of Incubus and Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour. These pickups are made with great quality and they bring extra range and tone to guitars:

Duncan Antiquity Strat Custom Texas Hot, Neck has a vintage 1950’s look and sound but with extra power. It comes with schematics, screws and a vintage cloth hookup wire. $77 is the average online retail price for this item.

Duncan SL59-1 Little 59 Strat Cutting Edge Pickup, White, Bridge has a chic white design and offers classic humbucker tones. This model allows for plenty of control with fully-adjustable pole pieces. This product has an average online retail price of $75.

Seymour Duncan 11024-10 Surfer Rw/Rp Middle Pickup for Strat is a vintage-style pickup – it’s a reproduction of the 1964 Strat pickup. This is an essentially important piece for restoring old guitars. $75 is the average online retail price for this pickup.

Seymour Duncan Ahb-1 Blackouts Humbucker Bridge With Metal Cover Black Chrome is an active humbucker for the bridge with nine volts of power. It has great range and tone and it handles mechanical hum well. This style is best for rock genres and it includes the essential items for installation. This item sells for an average retail price of $105 at online stores.

Seymour Duncan Ahb-1B Blackouts 7-String Phase Ii Active Humbucker Bridge Black has a great matte black design and the power to battle mechanical hum and give great tone and range to seven-string electric guitars. $100 is the average retail price for this product at online stores.


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