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Select the right Brabantia trash can

May 29th, 2013

Brabantia specializes in home goods from specially made trash cans and bin liners, to various other products to keep your house looking clean. It might be a bit strange to think about, but even a trash bin can add a bit of style to a kitchen or a room. Check out a few of the items the company has to offer on their website, or take a look at other products that might fit better with your needs.

Brabantia 4 gallon matte chromium steel waste paper bin is easy to clean and gives any room an updated flare with this sleek design. Special coating on the surface of the waste bin reduces corrosion over time to keep it looking brand new. 

Brabantia 5.3 gallon steel pedal bin with white finish has an eight gallon capacity and a sturdy push pedal that won’t break. There is a ten year warranty on each bin, ensuring the longevity of the item.

Brabantia 676.3 oz. Bin Liners (Set of 12) 245329 are made to fit perfectly into Brabantia made bins and trash cans. Each liner has a color band indicating which bin to pair it with. Each box of liners is $56 on websites like Amazon and

Brabantia Size G 20 Count Bin Liners For 30 Liter Trash Bins – 246265 are easy to put in and remove from bins without much trouble. The liners are made from very durable plastic, and doesn’t overwrap in an unpleasing way over the top of the trashcans.

Brabantia Size H 10 Count Bin Liners For 50 Liter Trash Bins – 246784 pulls smoothly out of the box and when sealed can’t be easily reopened. A box of ten bin liners can be purchased for $6 online from a variety of retailers, and are designed with vent holes for extra stretch.


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